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Kribi 2020: The Lobe Waterfalls


The Lobe waterfalls is about 5km from the small town of Kribi on the road leading to the High Sea Ports in Kribi and further to the Campo National park, just a few meters before you reach the river Lobe on your right, a small steep descent leads you to the Lobe waterfalls Beach. This beach is a public beach but arrange by interested beach investors who have made a provision of your feeding and security.

Indigenes provide local canoes and engine canoes for all who want to visit the fall. Prices are negotiable. These canoe rides are so enjoyable, but most are overwhelmed with the local canoe rides as the canoe paddlers, paddle you towards the gigantic Lobe waterfalls especially during the rainy season which can be clearly seen by those on the sea shore.

Close to the waterfalls, make a halt on the small Island with its white sandy beach. Arranged for explorers of the beach as well as expert swimmers, together with lovers of volleyball for the beach.

There’s a broad golden sandy beach on the eastern part of the beach which permits exploration of numerous beach activities, only every visitor has to look into it personally to animate themselves considering it’s a public beach. You can get an unimaginable fun-time on this beach if a specialized travel agency is contacted.

These specialized travel agencies offer great opportunities for every beach participant wanting to explore the beach. An excellent example is Orton Travel Tour specialist in many beach activities and games like the beach football, beach volley, running, thug war, water race for both kids and adults, etc.

Make your beach vacation beautiful by contacting Orton Travel Tour. Lobe Falls Beach, a destination to visit.


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