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Ngwe had plans of travelling to Hamburg,Germany ever since her sister-in-law Nfi, who had travelled there for studies informed her about the city, and will like for her to visit someday. Nfi was staying with her parents who had been residing there for over 10 years.

It turned out Nfi was graduating and invited Ngwe to attend her graduation. Ngwe filed her documents at the German embassy in Cameroon and was offered a one (1) month tourist visa to Germany, then she began with the search of cheap flight tickets. Afuh, a friend to Ngwe who had a travel agency had been communicating with Ngwe about her trip, but now, another friend of Ngwe who lives in the USA sent her an online website where she could buy cheap.

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When Ngwe compared the prices online with Afuh’s prices, there was a substantial difference in the prices. Ngwe informed Afuh she will buy online considering her budget for a flight ticket, and Afuh consented. About 7 days to her trip, Ngwe had some issues to take care of before travelling, and postponing her travel date was the ultimate decision. Now the big problem popped up, who do I have to contact to for the change in my ticket? Ngwe got to her contact in the USA to make the request, the lady directed her to the agency which was based in the USA. But then, Ngwe was in Yaounde, Cameroon and that sounded impossible. She was panicking, but then decided to get back to Afuh.




Afuh, informed her that the change was possible at either the issuing agency or the airline. Now the issuing agency wasn’t present in the country but the airline was. She headed to the airline, paid the requested change fee and her new travel dates were scheduled. However, she was really upset about the inconveniences felt during this exchange period, the calls and unavailability of the persons who had assisted her in the purchase. The only one who had been there to give her assistance as per say was Afuh to which she was really grateful.

She decided it will be much better on her subsequent trips to contact Afuh than to buy online. She now buys her tickets from Afuh, but then when things get a little tough, she turn online to buy the cheap online tickets.

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