Beach excursion in Cameroon


The Lobe falls beach has always been known to be an outstanding destination. It is a place for excellent relaxation with its great amount of waters and sand empowering its visitors. The best destination that rejuvenates your spirits and ignites you for a new week or another day.

The Lobe Falls beach in Kribi is an exceptional beach which can contain her visitors for more than 4 hours and more considering its endowment with the presence of a magnificent view of the Lobe waterfalls descending with great pressure into the Atlantic Ocean and most visitors stand in awe to watch.

beach excursion in Cameroon

There are canoes by the shore ready to take those who accept the price to visit the waterfalls. Swimming as it is, invites all to come along with their beach-wears. Then the golden sandy beach lies there for all, where games like beach volleyball can be played, beach tennis, beach football, kite surfing, fun race etc. Many beach games can be practiced but it will depend how and with whom the visit to the beach is made.

Nevertheless, making a visit to the beach and spending more time will depend on how and with whom you visit the beach. Contact a specialized travel agency which will assist you in the planning, and realization at an affordable cost.

beach excursion in Cameroon

With the case of ORTON TRAVEL TOUR, 4 hours on the beach has always been like 30 minutes spent as most customers ponder on the time, only to realize it is sunset and a whole lot of time gone without them realizing it and we have to journey back to either Douala or Yaoundé.

With Orton, experience the best beach games and activities in Cameroon beach football, beach volleyball, thug war, water race for adults & kids, quad ride, boat ski etc… spend more time at the Lobe falls beach and make the most of your trip to Kribi.
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Excursions are much more fun within a group...

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