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It was after a few days of trekking that we arrived at the Koma, a genuine people still outside of any modern civilization, in the alantika mountains in Cameroon. Overlooked by mountain ranges, this area offers visitors a picturesque landscape.

The Koma are a refugee people in the mountains of North Cameroon with a summit up to 1800 m of altitude forming part of the Cameroonian ridge. They have retained their tradition entirely: they usually dress in shrub leaves as a sex hide. They are all animists and venerate the elements of nature but also the bones of their ancestors. The girl reaches maturity at the age of 12 and is subject to circumcision which consists of the break of two of her incisors.

They are very welcoming and reserve you full of surprises which we will not reveal you in this article. When we live an event ourself, it remains engraved in our memory and the lived experience is personal and unique ...

Do not miss this opportunity to meet a civilization that has escaped the proven modernism of the 21st century.

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