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It was during an excursion with a group of 8 German tourists, obsessed by the desire to visit the famous huts of Mourla, that we took the east exit of the town of Maroua in the direction of Maga. As we passed the villages on the way, we were attracted by the architectural know-how of their huts or “sare”, arrangement, with their marvelous dressing style. The villagers along the road smiled and greeted us with words such as “jabama”, which means welcome, this encouraged us, and motivated us all the more as to getting closer to the Clay huts of Mourla, which was our main objective for the journey.  

A few minutes after we drove entered the town of Maga, we observed degraded or abandoned huts which had fallen into ruins, and, as we were about to increase our concentration on these ruins, something more greater than we expected captured our view and minds, the Lake Maga, on which the inhabitants were carrying out fishing activities, and we saw some herds of hippopotamus. On the other side of the lake, was a fishing village which one could get there with the help of an engine boat. However, we had booked for the visit of this village on our return to Mourla.

Thus we continued our journey towards Mourla, and after a few minutes of driving, we found ourselves in Mourla, and there in front of us, the gigantic clay huts of Mourla which impressed and amazed us. It was a guided visit at this magnificent site considered as the patrimony of UNESCO by an expert, who fed us with information on the Mousgoum people, their architectural technic. With this fantastic journey, Orton Travel Tour is ready to make you a part as we delve into our next discovery of the Mousgoum Clay Huts of Mourla.

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