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Far in the hinterland of the western highlands, up in the hills and mountains of Boyo division, is found the most prestigious site in the land of the North West region. The people are endowed with rich soils which favors the growth of tea, thus encouraging agro-tourism.

Up here with the cold weather, you can find a great number of cattle with lots of animals in their cages roaming around and enjoying the beauty of nature. Enjoy the facilities this site offers by participating in the weekend horse riding activities, the scooter tour and sleep in the finest lodging facilities in the region.

Take time, and join Orton Travel Tour in the discovery of the Ndawara Tea Estate and Ranch with the fabulous castle of the El Hadj Baba Ahmadou Dan Pullo with Ostriches, camels and many other animals. An additional night will give you the pleasure of discovering the Mbi Crater endowed with fauna, flora, waterfalls, etc

Ndawara Thea Estate & Ranch video

Here we show you the entire Ndawara site in this video. Take a little of your time and you will be surprised at what is hidden long time ago in our beautiful country Cameroon.
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