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Situated in the south region of Cameroon with Ebolowa as capital in the Mvila Division, is a village with huge popularity called Nkolandom. Nkolandom is a Bulu word which means “Mountain of Elegance”. Others describe it as “Nkol”: mountain “Andom”: meaning back of trees used ancestors to make clothes Nkolandom is 18km from Ebolowa, and ruled by H.E Fame Ndongo.
This village is endowed with a beautiful touristic Centre which calls the attention of everyone; this Centre is called NKOLANDOM TOURISTIC CENTRE, and provides facilities for accommodation and relaxation which compliments the stay of every visitor for an affordable price. The charm of the site is not just from the pictures, but from an experience that words alone are not sufficient to express.
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"A friendly place to spend your night and taste the good local dishes"

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