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Early that morning in the village of Kedjom-Ketinguh, we arrived at the compound of our guide who was to lead us to the discovery of the lake Babanki up in the hills of Kwi. It was a long ascending journey. Though I had a pain from the trek the previous day from Bambili to Babanki, I was part of the team to visit this beautiful lake I had been hearing about.

We commenced our journey from Tubah, and passed around the palace of Kedjom Ketinguh and enjoying the hilly breeze as the wind blew past us from the top of the “nkoh hill”. We climbed the hills, through the corn farms, the bushes and from above we could clearly see the 3 stones of Kedjom-Ketinguh and the Ndop plains. There we rested for about 30 mins, to regain our strength. The journey continued and with chit-chats, everything seemed easy. As we got closer, we noticed the lands were fertile, the crops were healthier, the breeze was colder, and we could breathe the fresh air around. We moved on and on into the thick bush, and finally we got to the top .

At the top we could hear the whispering lake, blowing its cold and fresh breeze around the area, and welcoming all its visitors. “I am certain whispered you are welcome to me”.

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