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Situated in the North Region of Cameroon, in the village of Kola, it's the “Gorge de Kola”, commonly called by visitors the small canyon, with rocks carved by water flow especially during the rainy season and is about 22m deep. Its beauty could not be ignored by our group, as our car turned on the road N1 to its direction.

The journey was about 5.2km of un-tarred road to reach Kola village from Guider of the Mayo Louti Division. Under the scorching sun, with the sand as hot as coal in fire ready to steam the engine of the locomotive, we marched like soldiers into this site, observing a large variety of birds, but then the vulture captured my attention, it was my first time of seeing it, not the images in the movies.

We got into the gorge and walked around it enjoying every moment of our view and touch of the rocky walls together with the hot sand beneath our feet. It was a great moment we spent there, a time well spent...

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