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Beach Swag



It was in the month of November of the year 2017, when my phone rang, upon picking the call, I discovered it was Amadou, a longtime friend. It had been long we hadn’t met. Our echoes on social media didn’t permit him to be indifferent, he wanted to enjoy the excursion menu with Orton. He wanted to participate at all cost.

We scheduled the trip for January, as he contacted a few of his friends and we kept sharing the news to other interested participants. In all there were 7 participants. Our team was on alert and we had been waiting for this moment to exploit the golden opportunity.

On the day of the excursion, all were assembled in front of the office and a briefing about the trip was made, the driver kick started the bus, and oops we took off.

The tour guide gave the necessary information along the journey, got the participants active during the journey, for it is a 3 hour drive from Douala to Kribi. As we got to the beach, the canoe-man was already waiting for us we boarded the canoe and he paddled us right into the heavy waterfall with drops of water touching us, then he paddle us to the other side, where we installed our equipment and the games began. Onlookers admired the organization and others just watched us all through with our activities.


Boat Ski at Kribi

We shared the group in two teams, NGUZANG and SOMBO and each team had a number of 5 persons, as some of the organizers joined to complete the number and make the game more fun. The beach foot was so great, then the fun race and the volleyball. Team NGUZANG dominated in football and the fun race. Their team members were really good in the football game, and had great speed. Team SOMBO proved their expertise on the beach volleyball. When the points were accumulated, team NGUZANG made it for the day. It was exciting as with the goals scored counted as points, and at the end, the team with the greater points was the leader of the day.

photo shots at Kribi beach

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