ORTON TRAVEL TOUR is a Cameroon based travel agency specialized in the sales of airplane tickets across the world with hundreds or leading international and national flights. Orton is also specialized in the organization of short stay leisure trips for residents and visitors in Cameroon, Kenya and Dubai. With Orton, you can book full bouquets of travel accessories such as hotel or furnished apartment and car rental services, and you can be assured of the most competitive rates.



ORTON TRAVEL TOUR is a travel agency specialized in the:

  1. Sales of flight tickets
  2. Organization and sales of tour packages/vacations

Its vision is to:
– Develop the travel and tourism sector in Cameroon
– Ensure the animation of the local population through sporting and socio-cultural activities,
– Organize training sessions for local guides.

We have professionals with at least 2 years of working experience. We provide you with English and French speaking tour guides, travel and tourism consultants. Our staff gives you the best through our top class informative system on travel and are ready to take you from the countrys’ Riviera to its hinterland. We make you visit the unexpected and you will never regret your trip with us.

ORTON TRAVEL TOUR is situated at Carrefour Ideal, Akwa in the city of Douala.

Douala is the economical capital of Cameroon, with a population of about 4 million inhabitants. It’s a metropolitan city. It’s a town to visit for lots of fun is potrayed in its people and investors. Nightlife in Douala is an experience to grasp. Don’t forget to contact us when you THINK of visiting Douala or Cameroon at large.


With our partner airlines, travel anywhere. Travel for leisure, business, exploration, studies, research, honeymoon, pilgrimage, etc.

With our land transport system in the country, we facilitate movements for you within the country.

 Linking the north and south is CAMRAIL, and within other regions are buses. With such services, so do we facilitate your movements in the country. Travel into the interior with our local vehicles “clando”.

Make your inter-urban trips possible with our partner bus service suppliers.

We are the best you will ever get within Cameroon.


Our tours take into consideration your paramount reason for travel, to enjoy the natural, cultural and artificial tourist attractions of Cameroon, the country of the “indomitable lions”. To catch up with our tourist/traveler’s goal, ORTON TRAVEL TOUR, provide you with, national guides, regional guides, local guides to give you the best of information about the tourist destination of your choice. With our guides, you will easily discover and experience Africa and its local lifestyle of its inhabitants.

With our tour packages, we also make it possible for you to discover other countries within Africa and beyond. We provide promotional deals to make this real. We are a dream come true. Join ORTON TRAVEL TOUR in its discovery and you will know we are simply the best.


We offer a large range of hotel accommodation according to your choice and the available accommodation in the area of overnight. Our accommodations range from inns to 5 stars hotels within the Cameroon and further in other countries.


As concerns events within the region and the national territory, ORTON TRAVEL TOUR takes care of your fiestas in any and every case. We assure you with the best organisation ever for marriages, success parties, birthdays etc with activities you never imagined to animate your guests. Join ORTON TRAVEL TOUR, so we can take you there.


We offer a variety of luxury and adapted cars, due to your motive of rentage and your destination. We accord 4×4 cars because of the land transport system and because we view that it’s preferable for your tours. Our cars are adapted for every journey we propose you.