Most persons when they want to travel, they are looking for cheap tickets. They don’t mind travelling long hours; all interest is concentrated on the price.

Many factors affect the cost of price tickets, whether you want to buy an online ticket or buy through a travel agency/agent. When looking for a cheap ticket, though many factors may influence it, know that the secret to getting cheap flight tickets is an early booking.



An early booking is the secret to buying cheap flight tickets for most customers because;

  • An early booking offers the possibility of getting the cheapest ticket with an airline, whether in business class or economy class.
  • An early booking favors the buyer more especially if the destination is popular, for example from Douala to Johannesburg, Douala to Dubai, Douala to Cotonou with several airlines offering flight schedules.

Consider an early booking as buying as from 6 months down to 1 month depending on the destination. For travels to/from Europe and American continent, an early booking and ticket purchase can earn you an exceptional price on flights. But for flights within Africa, your timing can be as low as 1 month (30 days).

However, this timing doesn’t work 100%, but in most cases, it’s being applied by most passengers and the results are on the rise. It doesn’t work 100% because a few days close to your travel date a customer could sometimes get the cheapest prices of tickets.

For customers buying tickets close to their travel dates, the tendency of having cheap fares are low and, in most cases, the customer can get very uncomfortable and postpone their travel program.

If you want to buy cheap tickets, do everything possible to get your travel program set and then, book early.

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