It was toward the end of the year 2017 that my amigo and I decided to take an excursion to the beach. After brainstorming, we settled for the Lobe Falls Beach in Kribi, where we would observe the Lobe falls falling into the Atlantic Ocean. Determination was the key word, but another thought popped up as we could invite a few more friends. Surely we have been visiting a number of sites as tour guides, but never as participants. We talked to a few friends and they were really excited about the idea which led us to set a date for Kribi beach exploration.

Kribi is one of the coastal towns in Cameroon. About 178km from the city of Douala, it’s found in the South Region. Here you find the Batangas, Pygmies, Bulus etc, they are a people settled in the heart of the equatorial forest and some close to the Atlantic Ocean like the Batangas. The Batangas are mostly fishermen for they depend on what nature has provided them to meet up with their daily activity.

We drove for about 3 hours and as we approached the town of Kribi, we were welcomed by the monsoon winds which blew mildly and galvanized our spirits. Observing the waters and admiring the movements of the waves as if it were our first time, we aimed more on getting into our beachwear and exploring the beach with its golden sand.

Finally, we got to the Lobe Falls Beach, before we could notice, half our group was already in the waters, splashing and swimming exploring their muscles, the others marching and shouting to be heard by those who were present. It was a feeling I had never experienced, we were all in the waters with delightful faces, swimming, running, playing beach football, doing the quad ride etc, and anytime we got close to tiredness, we will run back to the waters to rejuvenate our spirits.

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