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Living in Donga Mantung, in the North-West Region of Cameroon, about 189 KM from the capital city of Bamenda; Beri had always desired to travel abroad, but has been wondering what was required of him, sometimes he would asked himself if all he needed was his National Identity Card as with local transport from one village, city or region to another, or where there other documents he might have to provide.

One day he opened up to Afanyu, who was his childhood friend and had travelled to the city of Douala and was working as a travel agent. It turned out Beri contacted the right quarters with his question. Being a travel agent with over 7 years of working experience, Afanyu gave him the details as a pro.

Afanyu understood the fact that Beri was ignorant but ready to learn and realize his big-time dream of travelling abroad. Yeah, he wanted to visit Kenya, an African country found in East Africa. Already making his request, Afanyu outlined and elaborated on the necessary documents, consisting of:


Travel docs

  • Passport
  • Certified Invitation letter
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Flight Ticket (RT)
  • Vaccination Card
  • Sufficient Travel Funds
  • Travel Insurance

Passport: A passport is a formal travel document delivered by a government, confirming the holder's identity and citizenship. It is mostly used for international travels. In Cameroon, four (4) types of passports are recognized; Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Service Passport and the 1951 Convention Travel Document (for refugees).

Invitation Letter

Certified Invitation Letter: An invitation letter like the name indicates, displays a host inviting a friend or visitor to his/her country for a particular purpose. For your invitation letter to be certified, the host must have contacted a person of authority who with the help of a stamp and signature, approves of your visit.

If studies, then you will need an admission letter, from a recognize institution to which you are travelling to participate in their academic program.

Hotel Reservation

Hotel Reservation: A hotel reservation is a document issued by a hotel confirming the stay of a customer in their establishment for a given period of time. This document when presented at the airport proves that lodging for a visitor in the country visited won’t be a call for concern.

When travelling for studies, you will need to present an accommodation document which might be offered by your institution to confirm your lodging has been taken care of.

Flight Ticket

Flight Ticket (Round Trip): It is a travel document issued by an airline or travel agency for an individual, designating a seat for him/her in a flight. It is usually accompanied by a boarding pass at the airport. With both documents access to the plane is considered OK.

Considering the fact that, visa is upon arrival, it’s always advisable to get a round trip ticket rather than a one-way ticket. Round trip because your visit has a duration after which you have to return to your home country.

Yellow Card

Vaccination Card: commonly called the yellow card, maybe for its color, is an international certificate for vaccination, required by most countries upon entry for most travelers.

Sufficient Travel Funds: this is money which the traveler holds and which helps for him/her to sustain themselves during their trip, covering accommodation, feeding, etc in the course of their trip or during their stay in the visited country upon arrival. The amount is not same for most countries. They can sometimes carry along their bank card Visa/Mastercard, provided funds are inside.

Travel Insurance: is a document that guarantees the coverage for risks identified with traveling such as luggage loss, delays, injury etc while travelling. It’s usually issued for a defined period of time during which the insurance company will cover the risk the traveler incurs during that period.

When Beri had received all these details, there was a look of relief on his face and he expressed his satisfaction for the information received. He thanked Afanyu for it and they shared a few drinks with other home stories.

However, Beri later contacted Afanyu as per his initial travel plans, and Afanyu offered him the best assistance to the realization of his needs. Beri travelled safely to Kenya and he is now planning on another trip to Ghana.


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