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Some of my coupled friends desired to be part of the Orton Family for group excursions, as such inquiries were made and we filled them in.

Three (3) “Parejas” did join us, and to spice up the excursion environment, our guide was more or less relaxed with his profession, animating us with a few exciting songs while the driver stayed concentrated on the steering. We finally arrived Kribi after about 3 hrs 30 mins of driving and police stops on the road to ascertain the civil responsibility of each participant on the bus.

Finally on the beach, almost all were in the waters already in their beachwear and I didn’t even realize when they had changed into their beachwear, except for one who dived in the waters with his jean trousers (story for another time).

Balls were sent into the waters and we formed two (2) teams all mixed, just not to let the ball touch the water. It was a great game which exposed acrobats, waoh…one can never know how flexible he is till he gets into the waters.

All games expressed team efforts but for the athletics which required individual talents and efforts, every participant wanted to win and each put in his/her best in being the Usain Bolt of the day.

Then we got our guy for the canoe-ride who paddled us right below the waterfalls of Lobe with splashes of water splashing on our bodies as the water fell down with an enormous strength.

“Yum-Yum” was already desiring us to devour it and there was booze for all.We ate to our satisfaction, and it was an “aurevoir” to Kribi for that day.

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