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When is the best time to visit?
Visit to Cameroon is possible all year round depending on the concept of your visit, but for wildlife and safari, we recommend tourists to visit from the month of November to June, which is the tourism season in the country.
How do I get to Africa/Cameroon?
Air journeys are the best means of transport to come to Africa especially from America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Australian continents. Cameroon offers three international airports, namely: Douala International Airport, Nsimalen International Airport, and the Garoua International Airport.
Will I need a travel Insurance?
Yes, you will need a travel insurance, to assure you in case of any travel risks or dangers.
What about visas and vaccinations?
Get your visas, from the Cameroonian embassy or consulates situated in your country. We advise you to take vaccines against yellow fever, malaria…before travelling.
Do I need to be an adult before I carry out a tour?
Minors are not permitted, only in a case where they are being accompanied by an adult.
Will my fitness level permit me to participate on the trips?
Old persons as from 70/75 years of age will need to check out their fitness with their personal or family doctor, and also their travel counselor.
How is the local gastronomy?
The local gastronomy is good and we propose a good number of plates in our restaurants. They are sold at moderate prices. Taste and give your testimony.
What about the safety of the water?
Tap water is good, but we advise visitors to get mineral water like Tangui and Supermont mineral water.
What is the minimum number of participants to carry out a tour?
We offer individual, small groups and large group tours. We organize trips from one (1) pax and above. But in case of excursions, we advise from a minimum of two (2) which will help reduce the weight of the trip fare.
How good is the accommodation facility?
We offer lodging facilities from inns to 5 stars hotels depending in the locality in which you find yourself. We get you to the best of Cameroons’ lodging facilities.
What if I need to cancel my trip?
Cancellation is permitted but the pax involved should inform us well ahead of time about 7 days and should communicate this cancellation in writing. Cancellation charges are outlined in our terms depending on every tour package.
Can I get back to you if I have other questions?
Please in case of further information about the trip or services you need from us, never fail to contact us at our email or telephone address….
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