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Flight Travel in Cameroon finally getting busy

The months of July, August have been busy months for the aviation industry in Cameroon. Flight travel resumptions of almost all the airlines beginning with Air France (AF), Brussels Airlines (SN), Ethiopian Airlines (ET), Egyptair (MS), Asky Airlines (KP), Rwandair (WB), and Kenya Airways (KQ) which now fly the airspace of Cameroon. Busy Airport Runway Repatriation flights predominant for...
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Beach Football

KRIBI, LOBE FALLS BEACH A good number of football stars have evolved from such games like the beach football. Countries like Brazil and other South American countries can testify. FIFA has created and permitted tournaments concerning beach football. You can become the next beach football star in Africa. MAIN ACTIVITY BEACH FOOTBALL MINIMUM PAX 10 DURATION 12 Hours PRICE Individual: 60 ...
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Beach Volley

KRIBI, LOBE FALLS BEACH Spring as much as you can, and dive the best you can, but do not let the ball touch the ground as you join ORTON TRAVEL TOUR in animating not only yourself alone but your fellow participants in the volley match. It is the best of all time, be a part and make it happen. MAIN ACTIVITY BEACH VOLLEY MINIMUM PAX 10 DURATION 12 Hours PRICE Individual: 60 Euro Couple: ...
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Bush walk

EBODGE - KRIBI About 53km from Kribi, on the road to campo is the ecotouristic site of turtles. Ebodje welcomes all with its fantastic sites and activities as you are guided in the discovery of this magnificent site with its turtles. Let ORTON TRAVEL TOUR take you there. MAIN ACTIVITY BUSH WALK MINIMUM PAX 10 DURATION 12 Hours PRICE Individual: 82 Euro Couple: 157 Euro Child: 57 E...
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Bike ride

KRIBI, BIG BATANGA BEACH The Batangas, are one of the dominant indigenes of the Ocean Division, with Kribi as its capital. Kribi is also one of the coastal cities in Cameroon, which inhabits the famous Big Batanga beach offering an opportunity for a wider exploration and discovery as Orton offers you the first of its kind within the region the beach bike ride. Explore the beach of Big Batanga i...
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Mountain Climbing

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING EXPLORING MOUNT FAKO Remarkable in Cameroon, high above every other mountain in the West and Central Africa, with an altitude of about 4100m, offers you a relaxing sporting activity as you ascend while exploring the “Chariot of the gods” with ORTON TRAVEL TOUR. MAIN ACTIVITY Mountain Climbing MINIMUM PAX 10 DURATION: 12 Hours PRICE Individual: 62 Euro Cou...
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Boat tour

BOAT TOUR Now available in Cameroon, encounter the best boat tours as we make you view the numerous beautiful islands, passing through the mangroves where you observe this special type of vegetation. Experience a great day in the waters with an exciting boat tour to the island of Manoka while viewing the neighboring islands. Be served with delicious meals and sophisticated services. Make your d...
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Canoë ride

LOBE  FALLS  BEACH  KRIBI BAGYIELI   PYGMIES MAIN ACTIVITY : CANOE RIDE    MINIMUM PAX : 10   INCLUSIVE IN PRICE ARE: Transportation Meal Drinks Tour Guide Beach game & activities DEPARTURES FROM:   Douala Yaoundé @import url(https://www.ortontraveltour.com/wp-content/plugins/siteorigin-panels/css/front-flex.min.css); #pgc-w5b61c1757d135-0-0 , #pgc-w5b61c1757...
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