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Cameroon Aviation (CAMAIR-CO)

Cameroon Aviation resume

Cameroon is a country that has been striving over the years especially in the aviation sector notably with the operation of Airports in Cameroon. With a national airline that has transited from Cameroon Airlines to CAMAIR-CO, the country has not monopolized the flight market. Mother Cameroon has been able to allow a number of airlines get involved in this sector to serve her growing and dynamic population.

Airports in Cameroon

The country has three (3) International Airports namely the Douala International Airport (DLA), Nsimalen International Airport (NSI) and Garoua International Airport (GOU). Apart from these three airports, there exist about four (4) active domestic airports found in the Far-North Region, Adamawa Region, North-West Region and Western Region. The home airline CAMAIR-CO is yet to serve for all domestic flights in the months ahead.

Airlines presently flying Cameroon’s Airspace

Other European and African based airlines do link up our rich nation with the rest of the world and hopefully in the years to come we will be welcoming Asian and American airlines to Cameroon, Africa in miniature.

Air-France-lounge, Douala

The current African and European airlines that serve Cameroon’s population are:

  1. Rwandair
  2. Kenya Airways
  3. Ethiopian Airlines
  4. Royal Air Maroc
  5. Asky Airlines
  6. Egyptair
  7. Brussels Airlines
  8. Turkish airlines
  9. Air France
  10. Air Ivoire
  11. Afrijet
  12. Tchadia

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