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Flight Resumption In Cameroon

Flights in Cameroon

The Cameroon Gorvenment has now given an authroization to six (6) airlines and counting who now fly her airspace ever since the reduction of travel restrictions in the world.

Countries around the world are opening their borders and are getting things to normalization.

The borders of countries worldwide were shutdown, due to the coronavirus pandemic which did hit the world very hard resulting to a great number of losses in almost every sector of life.

Cameroon, was not exempted from the shutdown process, as her borders were shut from about the 18th March 2020.

However, the Cameroon Governement organized some chartered flights during this period to return some of her citizens back to the country.

Ever since the month of May, the Cameroon Government has been working tactfully in the opening of her borders. This she did by giving an authorization to airlines which in the past were organizing flights to and from the country. This tactful process began with Air France, followed by Brussels airlines, then the giants of Africa, Ethiopian airlines, Egyptair, Asky airlines and then Turkish airlines. Tchadia has been added to the list and in the days ahead, we are hoping to have our beautiful customer friendly airlines of Kenya airways and Rwandiar.

With these airlines though, flights have not been fully resumed, as they operate about 2 or 3 weekly flights.

In the days, weeks, and month ahead, we trust the Cameroon Government will be looking forward to opening her borders to get things to normalization.

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