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The perfect Beach Trip In Cameroon


Ever thought of going to the beach and then wondered, what you will be doing there i.e. after the brief period of excitement when you just arrived the beach, feet in the sand,  jumping into the water, taking a long swim, then coming out to chill under a sumptuous shelter from the blazing sun the perfect dispositions for a day at the beach…?

…Yes of course! isn’t that the real essence of a trip to the beach in the first place? Swimming all you want in a big wide ocean? And then most of all, just having a good chilly gaze at the great wide blue, just… enjoying some quite time?

And what if you went in a group, or as a family? You could have some picnic, do some fun games as a family and then boom… what a pleasant day it was at the beach.

Thing is, in any case there is got to be some sort of entertainment once you hit the beach, isn’t there? Well you could create lots of that for yourselves, all you’ll need is a few fun ideas, nothing too complicated. Right?

But imagine that someone could actually take care of all that for you and your group;

  • What if that someone could see to the organization of really beautiful and exciting beach games with pro equipment that could keep you hooked up at the beach for hours?
  • Provide you with an awe-inspiring photo shoot session with a “la crème de la crème” pro photographer?
  • Make ready a splendid canoe ride to visit the lobe falls or to go on to the “other side”?
  • And to crown it all, treat you to a very delicious beach side dinner for you and your folks?
  • Hey!! Not to mention your transportation to and fro to Kribi taken care of as well? And all you needed to do was show up at the departure venue?

WOW!!... Now what if I told you, that someone you are looking for actually does exist…

…ORTON TRAVEL TOUR offers you the most amazing Beach Excursions to the Lobe Waterfalls Beach in Kribi.

beach trip
beach trip





  • Transportation to and fro;
  • Beach games and activities;
  • Canoe ride for a majestic up-close view of the unique lobe waterfall (only of its kind world wide that flows directly into the ocean).
  • And a very chilly beach side dinner with the most delicious delicacies of the OCEAN division of the South Region of Cameroon starring:
  • very spicy tomatoes sauced prawns.
  • Fried carrot / tomatoes flavored seasoned roasted chicken.
  • And for a cherry on the icing, we have a lemon juiced tempered, perfectly roasted, freshly caught fish seasoned with a very spicy tomatoes / pepper sauce, the Specialty of the Kribi people and it is deliciously smeared all over with beautifully chopped onions.
  • Of course, BOOZE all excursion long – sweet can drinks during games and activities and then a bottle of drink of your choice during dinner.
  • You will also enjoy the first-class animation of a certified and experienced professional tour guide throughout the journey.

We also have special services such as ski boat ride and quad rides on the beach that are on special request by participants prio to the excursions and which carry additional prices depending on the request. Our ski boat and quad rides are coordinated by professional life guards including ski and quad ride experts and they are done using safety equipment (life jackets).

Orton travel tour has got It all figured out for you and your family, friends, colleagues and WHAT HAVE YOU…!!!

beach trip

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