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With its ​​180,000 ha of area, it is one of the oldest protected areas of Cameroon. The Bénoué Wildlife Reserve was created on November 11, 1932 and became National Park by Decree No. 120 of December 5, 1968. It was recognized biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1981. Located in the North Region of Cameroon, the park is accessible by road that connects Ngaoundere and Garoua. It has three entries:Mayo Alim, Black Ox Camp and Bel Eland Camp. It is accessed by road and track. He is currently the reserve of animals in Cameroon. This park extends over a hilly area, dotted with hills and mayos (seasonal rivers).

The best time for safari is around February: this is the period when tall grass is burned, to offer a panoramic view to visitors. As the river level falls, the herds of buffaloes, waterbucks, hartebeests, damalisques, buffoon cobs and Derby elands (the largest of the antelopes) gather around the water points. The park has to a variety of wildlife: baboons, elk, warthogs and crocodiles are present. There are also large groups of hippopotamus in water ponds especially in the dry season. Antelopes, hippotragues and buffaloes particularly irascible. Monkeys, big cynocephalics stay at the edge or a few meters from the tracks. Patas (little red monkeys) hop in the trees. Lions, giraffes, rhinos and hyenas are shy.

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