A lot of people want to travel, but don’t know how to go about it. Some want to travel as students, others for business, others for conferences, health…There are so many reasons for which people want to travel, but are still not able to get it all in the box. Orton Travel Tour is present to help you with the answers and guide in choosing the best destination for your desired journey.


The world counts seven (7) continents with about 195 countries. All these countries are being governed by rules which defend its citizens and visitors. Some of these countries share a common heritage and others don’t. Some are developed and offer its citizens facilities and events which become so entertaining and at the end of the day, becomes attractive to someone in another country. There exist so many of such countries around the world, and for one reason or another, you will always find a visitor in some other country. For one reason or another, people travel from one country to the other or from one city to the other or from one village/community to the other. Due to the various reasons which people travel, Orton Travel Tour has sought to provide its customers and fans the best destinations for the best reasons of travel. Are you in search of work, studies, leisure, conferences, better health facilities etc? Do not panic for Orton has it all answered for you with the best information.



For every international travel, travellers are required to have a minimum of documents which are:

Ø   Passport

Ø   Visa

Ø   Hotel reservation

Ø   Flight ticket

Ø   Vaccination card (medical document).

With the collection of the above documents, every traveller is sure of making his destination to his desired country.

Orton Travel Tour provides you all the information related to travel. “When you think of travel, think Orton”.


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