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The day was full of fun, and we were all exhausted packing our luggage by the seaside while waiting for the canoe, so we could board it and cross to the other side of the Ocean to return home. As we waited, I switched on my small portable blue-tooth speaker, then I connected my phone to the speaker to make a music display of the songs in my phone. It was more of the African music especially Nigerian and Cameroonian soundtracks of the new/upcoming music stars, and a few American hip-hop music.

beach dancing

I pressed play on my phone and the music began. With just the first music, the mood of the beach participants changed, ears heeding to the music playing as if from a distant destination, once anyone got the rhythm really clear,

beach dancing

they began swaying their heads as in acceptance of the music, some singing as they could recognize the music and in less than no time a majority of the participants were dancing to the music tune.

beach dancing

Though tired and exhausted from the beach games, almost everyone was displaying their dancing styles as the song did play.

beach dancing

The songs were really entertaining and the dancing was intensifying due to the change of the songs. Some participants put up a show of one popular dance which is very common in Nigeria, called “shaku”. The way they danced it was really enticing and I with a few other participants wanted to learn.

beach dancing

They did teach us, those of us who could grasp it, we did so, others kept trying.
When the canoe-man arrived, we beckoned him to take the others first – the others were those who were not together with us in our little group of 8 participants.

beach dancing

They had stood there and were admiring the dance show we were putting up; we formed a circle and each and everyone who had something to offer would go into the circle and show their dancing skills.
With the dancing environment we watched the canoe-man sail his canoe to get us.

When he arrived, we got into the canoe and he sailed us back to the other side of the beach for our journey back home to Douala. It was a fun filled day; we did enjoy every ounce of our time at the beach that day.


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