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When you think about planning for a beach trip in Cameroon to kribi with your friends, what activities at the beach does it usually boil down to? Do you know a good organization could actually get you a free trip if only you wouldn't mind putting up an advert on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even LinkedIn, to include a few other persons into your immediate circle and that at a pretty handsome cost. That was the case of our trip with a group of very excited participants and a great excursion organizing agency.

The Journey to the best Kribi Beach in Cameroon...

On Saturday 23 November me and my friend joined Orton Travel Tour for their Beach trip to Kribi, Cameroon. In a van we and 8 other participants leave nice and early from Douala to Kribi. After 3 hours of driving we see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. When we get out behind the beach we take a pirogue to see a unique place: the only waterfalls in the world that flows directly into the sea: the waterfalls of Lobé.

Activities you can carry out once at Kribi beach

Super beautiful! We sail past it quietly and enjoy the view. We arrive at a beach that looks out over the waterfalls and comes quite close to paradise. There are some hammocks hanging between the trees and a cabin that is a restaurant. While we put on our bikinis and bathing suits, the organizers prepare everything for the beach games. Soon we walk on to another beach that faces the Atlantic Ocean. The waves are calm. We get into the refreshing water fast. A few of the organizers are also in the water and we play some games. We enjoy the sun, the sea and the white, fine beach. Then we divide into two teams and play beach football. We play largely part on the wet beach and in the surf as the sand is so hot. Then there are the fun races: wheelbarrow and bag running. Then comes another highlight: the photoshoot. We travel via the beach to a very photogenic place with rocks and take pictures for about 20 minutes. All participants turn into true models. The atmosphere is really great. Then it's time for the last sport: volleyball! The volleyball talent is fairly absent, but the enthusiasm is unseen. The ball goes everywhere except over the net. Then it's time to eat! We eat on the beach with a view of the falls. Some music is set up and we dance for a while until the food arrives: a platter with a giant dorade, chicken legs, shrimp, plantains and fries. It's delicious.

kribi beach Cameroon


HOW we wrapped up our trip...

We had chats for hours with all the other participants and have some great discussions. Sadly after this the day comes to a close. We sail back to the main land and take the bus back to Douala. What great day! Relaxing, sporty and a great deal of fun. We met many new and amazing people and are so grateful to everybody from Orton Travel Tour for organizing this trip. ~Daphne

kribi beach Cameroon
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