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Situated in the West Region, we couldn’t have left this region without stopping at Foumban to visit its palace and museum. Waking early the next morning in Bafoussam we drove to Foumban to see the great works of King Njoya, a descendant of Nchare Yen, the founder of the Bamoum dynasty. We drove past Foumbot and Koutaba, enjoying the beautiful landscapes, the exuberant market at Foumbot, a market rich in foodstuffs. Finally we arrived Foumban, checked-in our hotel and about 30 mins after, and moved to the Foumban palace and museum for our long awaited visit.

Situated N.E in the Western Region, the palace was created by H.E Ibrahim Njoya the 17th King of the Bamoum dynasty. Constructed in modern form with two storeys, and history has it that he engaged in this type of construction as a result of his visit to Buea at the time. This structure hosts also the museum which is rich with artifacts of the Bamoum People. Words alone are not sufficient to satisfy one’s desire, but a visit to Foumban will make you discover more than you ever imagined. Join Orton in the discovery of this great palace.

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